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Luma Milanówek is a small Polish company that combines love for silk and unique handicrafts. Our goal is to continue the tradition of Milanówek, which has been famous for the highest quality silk for years.

From the beginning of its operations, the company has been located opposite the former Natural Silk Plant in Milanówek - the first silk factory in Europe, where silk fabrics were produced until around the mid-1990s.

The Luma Milanówek brand, combining tradition and modern design, offers its customers the highest quality silk products: scarves, scarves, ties, pocket squares and impressions.

However, the success and recognition of Milanów silks are mainly due to the work of female painters. Our female painters carefully create beautiful patterns on silk fabrics. Created thanks to extraordinary craftsmanship, exclusive silk accessories are the flagship product of our company.

We offer products created from passion and love for beautiful and unique things. We combine casual with timeless classic and elegance. Chic, attention to detail and careful finishing are the motto of our brand.

We put our whole hearts into each hand-painted silk scarf or shawl, which makes our products stand out for their exceptional quality and unique design. The art of hand painting on silk requires great precision and experience. We are constantly improving the technique so that our silk accessories delight with amazing details.

All our hand-painted products are the work of hand-drawn drawings by our painters, who do not use ready-made templates. Therefore, each work is unique and unrepeatable. When purchasing our silk accessories, you can be sure that the product is a unique work of art created with passion and love for art.

We hope that, like us, you will see the beauty of silk and fall in love with our hand-painted works of art.


The company Luma Milanówek Łukasz Łumiński took part in the project of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, co-financed by European Funds, entitled "Intellectual property in your company."

The aim of the project is to develop practical skills of entrepreneurs in the field of using intellectual property protection, including industrial property, and the possibility of benefiting from this protection.

The effect of the project is to obtain practical knowledge of how to protect the company's intellectual property and how to benefit from the protection of intellectual property in order to increase the competitiveness of your company.

Gross cost of the service covered by the grant: PLN 1,555.55 gross

Total amount of the grant received from the EU: PLN 1,201.44 grossUP.png