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If fashion is a constant change, then ties do not lend themselves to fashion. They don't come out of it! Yes, their thickness, patterns and colors change. However, the tie itself is the most versatile men's accessory. You have to admit, however, that the tie is like whiskey - you have to mature to do that. At a certain age, it is simply appropriate to have a few decent models in the wardrobe. We are currently seeing a tie renaissance. They are also worn by gentlemen who do not wear suits. It looks equally good in a tie matched with an everyday shirt, in combination with a cardigan or a wool vest, without a jacket.

Fashion is there to be played with, which Italians believe and practice. They are faithful fans of neckties on no particular occasion. Every day of the week is a reason to look good.

Our microfiber ties are highly durable and dirt-resistant. It is also easy to remove stains. The ties are additionally secured with a Teflon coating. All models are sewn in our workshop in Poland. They will be appreciated by people looking for elegance and perfection in execution.