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Microfiber ties

Every day of the week is a good reason to look good. This motto is followed by Italians who are special fans of ties. Thanks to the many available materials, which mainly come from their country, also Polish men can adopt this principle and wear comfortable microfiber ties every day. Do you want to look good everyday?

What is a microfiber tie?

Microfiber is a fiber that is more resistant to deformation than cotton or polyester. The fabric of this fiber, like silk, has a delicate shine and is resistant to creases. In addition, it is easy to clean, durable and, above all, very soft. That is why the microfiber tie is delicate and very comfortable. This, in turn, is a good reason to wear it every day.

Wear every day and on holidays - microfiber ties

The high durability and dirt resistance that characterizes all our microfiber ties are great reasons to have them in your closet. We offer you a wide selection of patterns and colors, so you can easily match them to your wardrobe. Such a tie will be perfect both for a special occasion and for everyday wear. Every man who values ​​elegance should have several of them. The more so that all ties from our offer, which we sew in Poland, are additionally covered with a Teflon coating, which makes them extremely resistant to dirt. So look around and complete your wardrobe with a few ties.