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The Symbol: CH-103

The pattern is licensed by the Fryderyk Chopin National Institute

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From the story of a silk thread  - Fryderyk Chopin and his life

How long can one look at a scrap of silk? A glance will not suffice if we are talking about a unique neckerchief which is a tribute to the most eminent Polish composer and pianist - Fryderyk Chopin. This neckerchief is an invitation to contemplate the life and work of an artist beloved by the whole world. Analysing detail by detail the motifs that the talented illustrator Beata Dyszkiewicz-Dziadak has included in her design, and which have been transferred onto the highest quality silk, we recall or become acquainted with the most characteristic facts connected with the entire life of the 'Poet of the Piano'. It is both an absorbing adventure and a lesson introducing us to the figure of a musical genius who lives not only in our memory. Through his music, he ensured his immortality. His mazurkas, polonaises, nocturnes, etudes and other compositions still resound today in the most prestigious concert halls, in temples or in the private homes of music lovers and lovers of high culture. The silk scarf can be a distinguishing mark of those who are particularly fond of Chopin's work. His works are synonymous with Polishness, going far beyond the merely musical sphere. These melodies united Poles at important moments, gave patriotic meaning to events, poured encouragement into hearts and told of the Polish soul. Music that remains Poland's ambassador to the world to this day. Chopin lives in us, which we can emphasise in various ways. One of them is a silk scarf filled with meanings and motifs from his life.

Reading the image, understanding the message

The Milanowek scarf is a labyrinth of meanings, intertwining motifs, arranged in a dynamic composition. The best way to 'read' this book of symbols connected with Chopin's life is to place the scarf diagonally across, with the Wiolin Key at the bottom. Bit by bit, you can discover the content hidden in the symbols yourself, or you can use the booklet attached to the scarf - a legend. It will provide us with a whole spectrum of important references to Polish culture. Deciphering hidden meanings in this way is fascinating, absorbing, and instructive. It can be, in a way, a test of our knowledge of Chopin, as well as a spark that ignites a passion for learning about his great figure. Everyone has heard of the composer's love for his homeland, but won't the scent of violets, the taste of grape jam or the adoration of a cup of hot chocolate bring us closer to him as an ordinary person? Let us decode the codes from the illustrations, pose questions and search for answers. After such an unusual reading as the scarf offers, we will be left with a coherent and comprehensible account of the life and work of a musical genius. What might have escaped the pages of books is now taking shape and colour.

"A Varsovian by birth, a Pole at heart, a citizen of the world by talent"

In Milanówek, where our silk products are made, Chopin's heart remained for some time before making its way to its eternal burial.  Let us wear the Chopin scarf proudly, give it to special people, and send it out into the world to carry Polishness in its most beautiful form. Packaged in an elegant box, it will be a gift that carries so many meanings.

  • Fabric: twill
  • Source: natural silk (mulberry) - 100%
  • Size: 52x52 cm
  • Finish: imitation of hand hem
  • Manufacturer: Luma Milanówek

The design is licensed by the National Fryderyk Chopin Institute.

Set composition

Each scarf is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. This document confirms that the product is made of 100% natural silk and also confirms that the product was manufactured in our company. Each certificate has an individual number visible only under special UV light, an embossed halographic sign and our logo. The certificate attached to the purchased product guarantees the highest quality of the purchased product. The certificate is bilingual Polish-English.

The set includes a booklet in Polish and English telling about the life of Fryderyk Chopin and explaining each element immortalized in the painting. He explains what architectural elements and objects visible in the painting refer to Chopin's life and the culture of his family home. Thanks to this book, the set becomes not only a decoration, but also an educational tool that allows you to better understand the life and work of this great composer.

The set includes a dedicated gift packaging visible in the photos. The packaging is made of high-quality materials and the gold print is hot-stamped, which gives it an exclusive look. This dedicated gift set will be perfect as a gift for a loved one or a business client.

Dominant material Twill
Pattern technique Printed
Size 55x55 cm
Dominant color multicolour
Dominant pattern different pattern
Sex Women's product
Additional features Printed



Calligraphy is not only learning aesthetic and artistic writing, but also patience and accuracy. While names can be learned beautifully on paper, silk is no longer that simple. However, Luma Milanówek has the best specialist in this field in his team, which is why we offer you a personalized silk gallantry. A scarf or shawl with initials or your own name is a great idea for a personal gift with character.



Paints used to deligraph initials and names on silk are so-called contours in tubes. Spreading them around the fabric is quite a challenge. Paint can not be squeezed too much and not enough, and in addition, beautiful artistic letters require precision and accuracy, as well as a sense of aesthetics. Initials and names painted and thus neugraphed will work not only on female scarves and shawl, but will also give an individual character to the male pillow.


If you need a gift for a name, an interesting gift for a birthday or if you want to surprise a loved one and need a gift or a gift with a dedication, then Luma Milanówek has the perfect solution:

- Hand-Painted Scarves

- Hand Shaded Scarves

- Printed Scarves

- Hand Painted Scarves

- Hand Shaded Shawl

- Printed Scarves

- Ties 



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