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Men's bow ties, suit bow tiesu

One of the questions that men who value good style often ask themselves is when to wear a tie and when to wear a bow tie. Both suit accessories work well, but the nature of the meeting mainly determines when to choose this particular one. 

Bow tie or tie?

Ties are perfect for business meetings or dates, while bow ties are great for parties, cocktail meetings and when you want to make your everyday style stand out. Although bow ties used to be mainly an accessory to a tuxedo, today they also look great with a suit. Especially if you wear a vest under your jacket. A bow tie with a suit adds more ease, so if you want to feel comfortable and the occasion allows it, it is a good choice. 

Men's bow ties - how to choose

A men's suit bow tie clearly highlights an elegant outfit. Therefore, it cannot blend with it in color. Its shade should contrast with the shade of the shirt. It is also good to combine it with a single-colored pocket square. In our store you will find a wide selection of bow ties for more and less formal occasions, both plain and with interesting patterns. We make them from high-quality silk, so you will always look elegant. Complete your styling with one of them.