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Anna Halarewicz's collection of silk scarves "Zodiac" in the words of the illustrator herself:

“Project Zodiac is one of my favorite projects of recent months. What do I value most in cooperation? Trust. And this trust, or in the case of working with an artist - FREEDOM - I received.

It was great to face the twelve zodiac signs, devoting a separate scarf to each. I knew that my zodiac signs would be... women - because women in drawings are my element. Do I have a favorite? Strangely enough, I started working not with my sign, i.e. Sagittarius, but with Pisces, and I think I have the greatest sentiment for this scarf, because it was while working on it that the entire color and formal concept was born.

According to some concepts, there are thirteen zodiac signs! And that's why I'm not a Sagittarius anymore, I'm an Ophiuchus! But somehow I became so attached to the Lady with the Bow that if one day this thirteenth sign of the zodiac were to appear on silk, I would come up with something 😊

Zodiacal themes already accompanied me in the illustrations I created for magazines. Do I believe in horoscopes? I like to read them after the fact and "check if it worked". But I always pay attention to the drawings. I love space-related topics, so here too there were drawing references to constellations and constellations."