• Masks for Kids

Child safety is every parent's priority! We are particularly keen now to ensure that children are as protected as possible. The best protective products for children protecting them from the virus are, from their point of view, those that will have interesting motives, and these are the ones found in the Luma Milanówek store. We have masks for children with silver ions, these are two-layer cotton masks for children and teenagers with adjustable rubber bands available in several colors and in different sizes. In addition, we also offer protective helmets for children and teenagers, they are colorful helmets because the wristbands are available in four versions: kittens, camo, flowers and mosaic.

The child's helmet protects against the virus from the hands to the mouth or eyes. In addition, it is light and allows the child to move freely, and most importantly provides free breathing and has adjustable velcro. Children's masks, on the other hand, are enriched with silver ions, which have antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. They are made of safety-certified materials and are additionally formaldehyde-free.

Protective products for children and teenagers offered by luma Milanówek store are practical, comfortable and visually attractive and are therefore ideal for young people.