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Men's silk scarves

Do you want to protect your neck from the cool wind, but you don't want to lose chic by a mismatched scarf? Put on a silk scarf. Not only will it not pick up, but it will add chic to you, and at the same time it will be an effective protection against the effects of the wind. Stylish silk men's scarves are a good choice for every elegant man.

A stylish addition to your outfit

Men's silk scarf is the perfect choice for cool, autumn days, perfectly matching an elegant coat or knitted sweater, but it also fits into more casual outfits. A lot depends on the pattern and color you choose for them. At LUMA Milanówek we give you a wide choice, so you will definitely find the right scarf for every stylization.

Silk from Italy, scarves from Polish 

We sew silk men's scarves in LUMA Milanówek in Poland, but we do it using the best materials from Italy. Like no other Italians know silk, and stylish men's accessories, like shawls, are common with them. Therefore, drawing on their knowledge, we offer you elegant accessories to your outfit.