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One-color silk scarves

Silk scarves are also many types of fabrics that are also available in single-color versions. Crepe is one of the most classic silk fabrics, probably because it is very soft and easy to drape, and additionally it is elastic and springy. This is due to an interesting granular structure that is not homogeneous. The noble crepe is characterized by a delicate semi-matte finish and is unbeatable for anyone who values ​​chic and elegance. There is also satin, i.e. a type of satin, a fabric most often cotton, sometimes silk, the right (shiny) side of which has a weft satin weave. Mainly used for dresses and other light women's clothing and as a lining material. Another type of fabric is Habotai, airy and delicate silk fabric. It slightly "fluffles" and shimmers in the sheen of light. Check out all types of plain colored scarves. It is also worth mentioning Żorżeta, a thin and slightly transparent mat silk fabric. It doesn't crease too much, which makes it perfect for scarves, among other things. Choose your favorite scarf.