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Silk Music Collection from Luma Milanówek

In the edition of our musical scarves and shawls made of exclusive silk, the leading place is taken by the brilliant composer Frederic Chopin. 

"A Varsovian by birth, a Pole in his heart, and a Citizen of the World by talent" - we remember this famous obituary written by Cyprian Kamil Norwid.

It's true, Chopin gave his heart to Poland. It was finally laid to rest in the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw. Very movingly, his heart, in the literal sense of the word - the national sanctity of Poles, was hidden during the war in our own Milanowek, in the rectory of St Jadwiga's parish. It was kept in a glass vessel in a black case and a wooden box.

"Warsaw was burning, Warsaw was fighting, and near here in Milanowek - silence... and sometimes Poles and Germans would come to pay homage to Chopin's heart... It also happened that someone played his music on the piano. And that terrible contrast... the tragedy of Warsaw there, and here the silence of Milanowek, and Chopin and his heart. (words of Bishop Modzelewski during the solemn Holy Mass on the day of the dedication of the plaque, 19 October 1986).

Chopin finds a special place in the national identity of the whole of Poland, but also of Milanowek in particular, leaving his direct imprint on this town. He was also born nearby, in Żelazowa Wola, barely 40 km from Milanówek.