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Silk tie Luma Milanówek - Jacquard collection


The best-dressed men in the world are Italians. It's worth watching their style and look for your own on this basis. It is not about faithful imitation, but about getting to know the secret of attractive appearance. What will we find in the wardrobe of every Italian? Of course, a silk tie. And not one! There is a whole series of neatly arranged ties in bold patterns, as well as classic ones. It's a shame to live on boredom, also in the dressing room. The Italians know it, and their style even got its name - sprezzatura. It is a kind of naturalness, grace and nonchalance in one. It is no coincidence that this word comes from the field of art. Italians attach so much importance to fashion that it becomes artistry for them.

Silk neckties MILANO in our assortment guarantee Italian style. They work great, are fleshy and covered with Teflon coating, which protects against dirt. Silk gently glitters, giving the neckties an elegant glow. The series are short, we often change patterns. All models are cut and sewn by hand in Poland from the highest quality Italian silk and cotton, from Italian manufactories. Because it is the Italians who lead the world in the production of fabrics. The Como region is even called a basin of silk.

Gentlemen, do not choose ties for your wives' dresses! This element of clothing deserves 

to be treated independently. It is an add-on that makes a huge difference in appearance.

Tie tying a straight knot and Windsor knot

There are two most popular types of tie ties. The first is a straight knot, also called four - in - hand: It is elongated, and when it is well tied it should form a slight fold. The fold can be both in the middle and shifted towards the edges. It should be remembered that this knot is quite narrow, and may not necessarily fit wide faces. Another important issue with this node is the length of the tie: if it's too long, it may look inelegant.


Tie tying - four in hand knot - instruction

The second type of binding is the Windsor knot - it is a bit more complicated, but it is very much liked by Poles. This is a thick, wide and triangular type of knot that is used with a widely spaced collar; long-necked men will look good with it, because the neck is optically shortened. However, it should be remembered that it works primarily during public performances, presentations, business meetings or job interviews.



Raw material: 100% silk 

Dimensions: approx. 7.5 x 150 cm.

Made in Poland