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  • Hand-painted silk scarves 55x55 cm

Small hand-painted silk scarves from Milanówek are called gawroszki. These are beautiful and unique products that decorate classic styles. They are made of high-quality silk and decorated with unusual patterns.

Gawroszki have a long history and tradition, dating back to ancient Egypt. They have been a symbol of elegance, luxury and good taste for centuries. The hand-painting technique is used in the production of scarves, which makes each of them unique and unrepeatable. We paint both delicate, floral motifs and abstract patterns that give the scarf a modern and original look.

A women's scarf is also a perfect gift for a loved one and is very popular among mature women. It is not only a fashionable accessory, but also a combination of elegance, tradition and art. Their uniqueness and beauty make them a unique element of clothing that always attracts attention and adds a unique character to the styling.