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Comfortable and stylish men's polo shirt

Dominant material Cotton
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Comfortable and stylish men's polo shirt

A polo shirt is a timeless and universal men's outfit. It is perfect both as a casual look, but also for more formal occasions, e.g. in combination with a jacket or an elegant sweater. Moreover, it goes well with both elegant trousers and jeans and shorts. Polo shirts are a hit in every men's collection. Although there is a belief that a polo shirt is considered sportswear, it is largely intended for gentlemen. Our T-shirt is perfectly finished, adding elegance to the entire styling.

Cotton knitwear has been known for many millennia. It was known 12,000 years ago in Egypt, where it was used mainly to produce airy clothes suitable for the hot climate. It is chosen as a working tool by many tailors and designers. Cotton is resistant to stretching and high temperature. This makes it easy to wash, but also very hygienic - most germs are killed at high temperatures. It is a pleasure to wear because it is soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. It is also safe for the skin. Due to their delicacy and breathability, cotton T-shirts are recommended for people prone to allergies or sensitive skin prone to irritation.

How is knitwear better than fabric?

  • Knitted fabrics are soft, flexible and more pleasant to wear than fabrics. 
  • Knitted T-shirts provide greater freedom of movement and better fit to the body, which makes them more comfortable. 
  • T-shirts made of good quality knitwear are more resistant to mechanical damage, which means that they will retain their original appearance and shape longer. 
  • Knitted fabrics are often less susceptible to creasing and require less ironing than fabrics. 
  • Knitted fabric has a much more interesting texture than fabric, which makes knitted T-shirts more visually attractive.
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