• SZM-063 Hand-painted silk scarf, 250x90 cm

The Symbol: SZM-063
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Note Even if the hand-painted scarf or scarf you want to buy is temporarily unavailable, you can still buy it. After placing the order, we have the selected product painted. The completion date is 10-14 days.
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Beautiful silk shawl with hand painted pattern. Elegant accessory for each woman.  


Material: Silk 100% (Pure Silk) 

Fabric:  Silk Habutai 

Size: 250 x 90 cm 

Made in Poland 

Hand wash at 30 degrees using only fabric softener. 


The specificity of photos and hand painting. 

Each of our hand-painted products is unique and different from the original, which is visible in the picture. When ordering, please be aware that the scarf or shawl supplied may differ slightly from the one in the picture. The perception of colors is influenced by the settings, among others contrast and brightness of the monitor as well as the intensity and color of the light in which we take a photo of silk products. Finally, the reproduction of floristic or geometric patterns is never done on the basis of a template. Each line is unique, each flower is different, and the number of elements is not always the same on the same model. Please consider the specifics of the "hand made" product implementation process and accept minor deviations. 





Calligraphy is not only learning aesthetic and artistic writing, but also patience and accuracy. While names can be learned beautifully on paper, silk is no longer that simple. However, Luma Milanówek has the best specialist in this field in his team, which is why we offer you a personalized silk gallantry. A scarf or shawl with initials or your own name is a great idea for a personal gift with character.



Paints used to deligraph initials and names on silk are so-called contours in tubes. Spreading them around the fabric is quite a challenge. Paint can not be squeezed too much and not enough, and in addition, beautiful artistic letters require precision and accuracy, as well as a sense of aesthetics. Initials and names painted and thus neugraphed will work not only on female scarves and shawl, but will also give an individual character to the male pillow.


If you need a gift for a name, an interesting gift for a birthday or if you want to surprise a loved one and need a gift or a gift with a dedication, then Luma Milanówek has the perfect solution:

- Hand-Painted Scarves

- Hand Shaded Scarves

- Printed Scarves

- Hand Painted Scarves

- Hand Shaded Shawl

- Printed Scarves

- Ties 



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